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Why our customers feel we cater well for them

Eva Maria Möseneder | 15. März 2017

We are satisfied when our customers are, too. This is the attitude the entire atms team embodies down to the tips of our toes. But how satisfied are our customers really? To find that out, we conduct a customer satisfaction survey each year. And once again we can be very proud of this year’s results: 99% of our customers recommend atms, and our overall service is rated as 1.23 if assimilated with the Austrian and German school grade system.

Since 2006 we have used a largely unaltered questionnaire for our customer satisfaction survey so that we can compare the results over the years. This year’s overall rating of 1.23 is the best in the atms’s history. Whether reachability, expertise, friendliness, technical reliability, speed or cost-effectiveness is concerned, as in previous years our customers rank us almost exclusively as “Very good” or “Good”.

In this article we want to pass on our favourite customer quotes from the survey to you:

“When I call atms, everyone does all they can to help.”

Many customers tell us that they really value our personal service. Particularly in times where a large number of processes are becoming more digital and therefore inevitably less personal, we want to continue to fly the flag for this service. Every customer, be they an individual entrepreneur or a project manager in a large company, can be sure of one thing with us: we have an open ear for every concern and make every effort to find customised solutions!

“I mail them a couple of lines and they respond immediately.”

Customer service for us also means dealing with customer concerns in a quick and uncomplicated manner. We are pleased that our customers appreciate “the very short communication channels and friendliness” at atms. In our opinion, the world is complex enough, so we like to be unbureaucratic in our approach.

“At atms I only pay for what I need.”

Inflexible specifications have no place in a modern world with flexible business models. As far as we can, we will always offer our customers the ideal solutions for their specific requirements. atms does not provide “one size fits all” solutions, but many “customer first” solutions instead. ;-)

“No problems, everything works.”

If they weren’t technically reliable, all our products would be useless. Many long-term customers know that the high level of reliability of our services is not so easy to find elsewhere. After all, our skilled technology team whose members interwork so effectively put their heart and soul into their work. Above all, it is our wealth of experience here that stands us in good stead.
And if occasionally something doesn’t run so smoothly, we first of all admit it, and secondly do everything in our power to put things right. Or as one customer puts it: “Everything works. And if something doesn’t fit 100%, rapid solutions are provided.”

But let’s briefly examine the “hard” figures from the survey. For the first time, we’ve also taken a closer look at the Net Promoter Score:

Net Promoter Score 79 – truly impressive!

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an internationally recognised key metric which provides information regarding customer satisfaction and quantifies the customer’s readiness to recommend a provider. According to the international study NPS Benchmarks 2016 by CustomerGauge, the average value for companies is 44.

The survey of our customers yielded an NPS of 79 for atms! This is an exceptional success, and we are proud to have so many “promoters”, i.e. surveyed customers that would definitely recommend the company, amongst our clients.

Our aim: To become even better together with our customers

We regard all this praise from the customer survey as confirmation of our solution- and customer-orientated work. At the same time, we have no intention of resting on our laurels; we want to continuously develop further, with and for our customers.

We wish to thank most cordially all those who participated in the survey and look forward to continuing to impress existing and new customers with our service quality in 2017!


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