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WhatsApp for NGOs: 10 ideas for communicating with members and donors

Sonja Schwarz | 28. Oktober 2016

WhatsApp is a simple and personal communication tool which reaches both individual groups and a large numbers of people at once. For organisations, it is above all a blessing that this messenger service is also installed on almost every smartphone and is now used by all age groups. How can you too utilise the potential for your NGO? We provide the answer to this question for you below!

Communication, providing information and coordination are important aspects in the daily work of non-governmental organisations. Staff, members and multipliers have to be kept up to speed about current and planned projects, campaigns and internal tasks, and (new) donors and supporters must be addressed and convinced. WhatsApp provides an ideal solution for this task! The messenger app is simple, fast and cost-effective. In addition, the messages sent by text, voice recording, pictures, videos and emojis are customised and emotive in design – and can thus convey the values of NGOs perfectly!

Benefits of WhatsApp communication for NGOs:

  • WhatsApp reaches people in all age groups and countries. It is suitable both for communicating with individual groups and for bulk mailing.
  • WhatsApp is a high-speed and simple tool for communication, providing information and coordination.
  • WhatsApp enables flexible multimedia delivery of text, voice, picture and video messages and also emojis. It thus permits versatile and emotive content design.
  • WhatsApp notifications look personal as they appear directly on the smartphone display and can be sent to specific target groups. Individual dialogues with users are also possible.
  • WhatsApp is cost-effective and is consequently also a very good solution for organisations with a limited budget.

Do you want to utilise these advantages for your NGO? We will present you with 10 examples showing how and in what context WhatsApp provides a promising solution!

10 sample applications of how you can use WhatsApp most effectively for your NGO

1. Keeping people up to date: WhatsApp newsletter

Offer people who are interested in your topics and work a simple and targeted option for obtaining information regularly. And what could be better suited to doing this than a newsletter? You can send a newsletter simply, automatically and on a legally compliant basis with a service such as WhatsATool from atms.

whatsapp for ngos - keeping people up tp date

We have outlined for you how you can design a WhatsApp newsletter successfully here.

2. Raising awareness: Presenting new fundraising projects

Provide your donors with targeted information about new fundraising projects! WhatsApp enables you to present your projects in a personal, expressive and feeling manner, for example, by integrating pictures, videos and emojis. This has a positive effect on people’s decision to make a donation, and also on the amount!

whatsapp for ngos - raising awareness

3. Press relations: Channel for journalists and multipliers

Like the newsletters to interested parties and members, you can also use WhatsApp to send messages to journalists and multipliers and inform them about current activities. One special feature: Via this press channel the recipients can also contact you directly and ask questions. Communication is thus accelerated and facilitated on both sides!

4. Networking: Group chat for members

Communication between staff and members of your NGO can also be improved – by setting up a group chat. This service enables participants to exchange experience, opinions and questions or to organise meetings and lifts. Networking of this type enhances satisfaction, awareness and, in the long term, also your reach and success!

5. Motivation: Challenges and prize competitions

Integrate members into your campaign work by staging challenges and prize competitions. Once you have informed them about these in a message, enthusiastic participants can return their contributions to the same sender. This reduces effort and increases participation. One neat aspect: You can also include the campaign on your website or in your social media accounts and thus bring several communication channels into play at once.

whatsapp for ngos - motivation

6. Participation: Dates and invitations

Do you have a meeting, presentation, trade fair or TV appearance scheduled for the near future? Tell people who might be interested, sponsors and friends about it. An invitation via WhatsApp seems personal as the message is displayed directly on the smartphone display.

7. Reminders: Events and deadlines

Send messages including reminders of meetings or deadlines. The great thing here is that WhatsApp also enables the dates to be stored in the calendar – thus ensuring they won’t be forgotten again!

whatsapp for ngos - reminders

8. Belonging: Being there via live updates

Make it possible for those who can’t be present on site to take part nevertheless. You can keep your members up to date about what’s happening via live updates or a link to a live stream. This is also reflected in a sense of belonging, excitement and long-term success.

whatsapp for ngos - sense of belonging

9. Coordination: Internal communication

Coordinate your team via WhatsApp, provide brief instructions and reminders and enable a quick exchange of information. Our tip: Create separate channels for different departments and topics. This is an effective way to keep an eye on everything.

You can read about how you can improve the internal communication and productivity of your team in this blog article.

10. Success: Saying thank you

Have you been able to achieve great progress with your projects and celebrate success thanks to the donations of generous people? Then show them! A small sign of gratitude and seeing the result of a donation affirm donors of their decision to donate and encourage them to continue supporting your work.

whatsapp for ngos - saying thank you

Have we been able to give you some ideas and inspiration for your organisation’s communication with WhatsApp? We will also be pleased to help you get started!

WhatsATool from atms

WhatsATool from atms is a reliable online tool which enables you to communicate with your target groups via WhatsApp on a simple and organised basis. The user login is legally compliant and automated, e.g. by means of a widget on your website. Messages can be scheduled, sent, received and answered.

Do you want to get started with WhatsApp?

Download our free checklist! It provides you with all important details you need to know when starting your own WhatsApp service.

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