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WhatsApp Business API – what it can do and why it remains complicated

WhatsApp is continuing to open itself up to business use: in January 2018, WhatsApp launched a business ...

The end of ISDN telephony: prepare your company for all-IP in 2018!

Telephony is facing major changes as traditional ISDN telephone networks face immediate extinction. Many ...

Landline numbers in Austria: how companies now remain legally compliant

Your company probably has one or more geographic landline numbers. In Austria for usage that is compliant ...

15 indicators of customer satisfaction: Are your customers happy?

What factors show a business that its customers are satisfied? After all, most of the time, customers ...

Communication with WhatsApp: 10 ideas for associations and clubs

WhatsApp is a popular communication tool for everyday use and is increasingly employed by companies as an ...

What really constitutes a "good" telephone number?

Any business owner faced with choosing a new telephone number is often overwhelmed: How do you go about ...

Study and infographic: free telephone hotline ranked number 1 for customer service

A current study by MindTake Research confirms it once again: for the majority of Austrians, the telephone ...

Recruiting using WhatsApp: How you can acquire the right employees

Employers require innovative strategies to arouse the interest of potential employees and stand out from ...


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