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15 indicators of customer satisfaction: Are your customers happy?

Sonja Schwarz | 08. September 2017

What factors show a business that its customers are satisfied? After all, most of the time, customers often only speak up when they think that something is either absolutely fantastic or extremely bad. From the large group in the middle, however, you don’t usually hear a thing. So how can you tell whether customers are really happy? And why this is so important? These are the points we’ll be considering in this article.

Customer satisfaction is a vital factor for the success of your business – and possibly the most important factor of all! This is because, with products and services being increasingly interchangeable, buying decisions depend largely on emotions, stories and the opinions of others. These are now shared rapidly and widely via the Internet, particularly on social media.

10 reasons why satisfied customers are important for your business:

  1. Satisfied customers are more firmly tied in to your company.
  2. They are not so easily tempted away by competitors.
  3. They recommend you to others.
  4. They are positive ambassadors for your business.
  5. They improve your customer acquisition rates.
  6. They are happy with their purchase decision and unlikely to question it.
  7. They tend not to raise complaints or issues.
  8. They strengthen and enhance your company’s image.
  9. They increase your reach within the market.
  10. With their personal testimonials, they can make your business appear approachable and extraordinary.

But how can you tell that your customers are satisfied? Here we describe some key indicators that in our view play an essential role.

15 indicators that show your customers are satisfied:


Do you and your customers collaborate like a well-rehearsed team? Smooth cooperation is one of the most important indicators of customer satisfaction. If processes are clear and, in turn, any problems are easily resolved, you can be sure that you rank high on the list of your customers’ favoured suppliers.

  • You and your customer have already been cooperating for several months or even years.
  • The customer settles invoices on time.
  • Your customer is often logged in and active within your online service.
  • The customer is happy to purchase additional solutions from you and place new or follow-on orders.
  • On special occasions, you receive tokens of appreciation or personal greetings from your customer.
  • Your customer asks you for advice on technical issues because he or she values your opinion.
  • A satisfied customer accepts inconveniences such as price increases.


Good communication says a lot about the quality of your relationships in professional terms, too. For example, satisfied customers always remain friendly and appreciative in their dealings with you.

  • Your interactions by email, online chat and phone are always very friendly.
  • Your customer responds quickly when you need to check things or have provided a quotation.
  • You receive words of thanks or praise from your satisfied customers.
  • You find it quick and easy to agree appointments with them.
  • Your customer gives you constructive feedback and so the ability to continue enhancing your products and services.

Public image

Your true fans are loyal and also transmit their enthusiasm for your business to others. They don’t hesitate to show they are associated with you in public.

  • A satisfied customer doesn’t look around for alternatives and won’t be tempted by competitors.
  • The customer may even warn you of such attempts to poach them from you and will inform you about competitors’ prices and offerings.
  • The customer gladly recommends your company and your products or services to others and will not bad-mouth you.
  • Your customer gives you positive reviews on social media platforms, such as Facebook.

So what do you think? Are your customers happy with you?

Satisfied customers – the things that matter:

Personal contact! In today’s digitised and therefore often impersonal world, customers attach special importance to good customer service. In other words, they look for rapid, polite, and personalised support from friendly, competent staff via technologies that work.

In the following blog article, we describe the most effective ways of organising your customer service and list some other useful tips: The 11 worst customer service blunders: what annoys your customers the most


Would you like to make your customers even more satisfied?

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